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Daniel Chang (mitanei)

Paper Artist and Teacher
Born 1985 in Bühl, Germany
Currently living in Stuttgart (Germany

Paper as a material always fascinated me. Encouraged by my mother, working with paper was a means to be creative and express myself. Even now, creating something from a simple piece of paper does have a magical appeal to me. More so with Origami as it seemingly limits the possibilities to create.

Over the years my approach to create artworks with paper has changed gradually. Rather than just folding paper animals I want to create sculptures with character and emotions that will provoke and inspire people to create stories of their own. To do so I use heavy watercolor paper with a rough surface that I wet-fold and sculpt which results in a more organic almost stone-like appearance that has similarities to classical sculptures.


2013Special Guest, 25. International Origami Convention, Weimar,
2015Special Guest, XIV Plener Origami (14th Outdoor Origami Meeting), Krakow, Poland
2018Special Guest, 18. Origamitagung, Gelterkinden, Switzerland
2018Kaiserstühler Origamitreffen, Endingen am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

Group Exhibitions

2016Largest display of Origami elephants (Guinness World Record, Bronx Zoo, USA
2016 –
„Mujeres De Papel“ Exhibition, Escuela Museo Origami Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain
2017“Das kannst du knicken“, Mathematikum Gießen, Germany
2017„Zahn der Zeit“, Cultural Festival, Zentrifuge Bonn, Germany
2017„Paper Heroes“, The old Jaffa Museum, Israel
2017 –
Künstlercafé der Kulturinsel, Stuttgart, Germany
2018Leonberger Kunstnacht, Cut & Style Frisuren Leonberg, Germany
2018„Origami: Kunst des Papierfaltens“, Lahr, Germany
2019„Valley below the mountain“, Sadusky Cultural Center, Ohio, USA
2021„FRANK BÖLTER ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE“, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany

Solo Exhibition

2019„Papierskulpturen“, Galerie Art und Antik Stuttgart, Germany

Commissioned Work

2019Tides (The Colony), Film by Tim Fehlbaum and Producer Roland Emmerich, Constantin Film, BerghausWöbke Filmproduktion GmbH


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